Horizon manufactures Venetian blinds, blackout and filtering blinds within a double or triple glazing unit.

These products are perfectly adapted to the latest generation of window frames, practical and comfortable structures with a modern and elegant design.
The movement of Horizon’s blinds is exclusively electrical and allows both the orientation and the lifting.
There are many advantages to choosing our blinds.
The double-glazed layers ensure that the blinds are protected from dirt, dust, and wear caused by atmospheric agents, thus eliminating the need for maintenance.

Light is a source of wellness and energy: our Venetian blinds allow the regulation of natural light, offering the maximum amount of brightness in the room. On the other hand, they also preserve privacy by partially or completely screening the sun rays. In this sense, we also produce blackout systems for windows and sliding frames for a complete blockage of light. These systems come in the form of pleated filtering or shading sheets: an elegant and innovative solution that allows partial or zero light transmittance.
In full respect of the environment, our systems guarantee thermal insulation with consequent savings in energy consumption

needed to heat or cool the structures.

In terms of energy efficiency, we utilize warm edge heat trays, which achieve maximum performance as they are made of insulating material.
The simple management of our double-glazed blinds is an additional added value. This can be done using home automation systems or elegant controllers that can manage the blinds individually or simultaneously. Finally, the variety of sizes and colours of slats and sheets ensures that the final product is adapted to the customer’s needs and always respects their preferences.



Battery-operated double-glazed venetian blind




VBH  22/27/29


VBH (Venetian Blind Home) is a Venetian blind in 22/27/29 mm double glazing and is a battery-operated model, it does not require any electrical system thus it’s easy to install. Our minimal controller, attached to the glass using magnetic support, allows the movement of the Venetian blind with up/down buttons and is powered by a lithium-ion battery, which lasts more than 12 months in standby mode. One single controller can manage an infinite amount of blinds, regardless of their size.

Electric double-glazed venetian blind




VBH  22/27/29


VBE (Venetian Blind Electric) is a Venetian blind in 22/27/29 mm double glazing.
This system has high-precision electric movement managed by an innovative external control unit, which works with a 24V DC encoder motor.
Thanks to the MCU9201 control unit, the Venetian blinds can be operated using various control devices: from a simple wall switch to an RF remote control, right up to Smart management which allows the Venetian blinds to be controlled from any location.
With MCU even hundreds of blinds can work in synchronization with a single button.

Electric double-glazed venetian blind with integrated control unit


VBH  22/27/29


VBEi (Venetian Blind Electric integrated) is a Venetian blind in 22/27/29 mm double-glazing. It is characterized by the presence of an integrated control unit within the system. VBEi is very easy to install because they do not require complicated electrical installations.

Le nostre tende veneziane all’interno del vetrocamera consentono un orientamento delle lamelle di massima precisione sfruttando il Micro Tilt System, il quale permette di gestire l’angolo di inclinazione delle lamelle a seconda delle proprie preferenze.
Micro Tilt System
Management of the awning orientation to the millimeter
Rispetto alla concorrenza (veneziane interno vetro pellini) le veneziane in vetrocamera HORIZON presentano un cassonetto small di soli due cm, il quale si adatta anche agli infissi super moderni di ultima generazione. Il cassonetto small Horizon risponde quindi perfettamente all’obiettivo degli infissi di nuova tendenza: strutture minimal con ampie superfici vetrate le quali donano più luminosità agli ambienti.
Small Case
All engine components are compacted to 2cm
Le veneziane interno vetro Horizon sono realizzate con uno speciale sistema, grazie al quale si riduce al minimo uno dei problemi principali delle tende veneziane: l’accavallamento delle corde.
Minimization of overlapping cases
La gestione Smart dei nostri prodotti, fa sì che le tende interno vetro HORIZON siano prodotti innovativi e moderni. Tale gestione può avvenire, infatti, tramite link, app e domotica.
Management via link, app and home automation
Le tende veneziane interno vetro HORIZON sono realizzabili su misura rispettando le esigenze e le richieste del cliente. Rispetto alla concorrenza (pellini veneziane vetrocamera) è possibile realizzare la più grande misura di veneziana interno vetro esistente sul mercato.
Maximum achievable measures
Sizes available beyond the standards
about us

Horizon is

Horizon is an innovative start-up that has as its main object the production of high-tech furnishing accessories, such as double-glazed blinds and LCD, which allow the regulation of natural light, a source of wellness and energy, as well as privacy, preserved with products with an elegant and modern design, wherever it is considered useful: offices, apartments and public buildings.
The management of the installed products can be entrusted to home automation systems or specific controllers.








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